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Keep control on your assets and NFTs securely.

  • Checkmark Manage and preview your NFTs issued on Hedera Token Service
  • Checkmark Send/Receive Hedera tokens and NFTs with extremely low fees
  • Checkmark Connect securely to Hedera Hashgraph dApps
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Manage assets issued on Hedera Hashgraph

With our userfriendly wallet, send / receive and manage your HBARs easily, and all tokens -including NFTs- issued on the Hedera Hashgraph network.

Store and manage nicely your NFTs issued on Hedera Token Service

Your NFTs are precious. We got it. With Xact Wallet, you can admire it whenever you want, just from the App. Moreover, create new NFTs, associate and transfer it benefiting from very low fees.




Hbar to moon Special - #007


Hashgraph Cards


HBAR climbing the graph to the Moon

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Hedera Hashgraph Cards NFT wallet for nfts

NFTs Marketplace

NFTs are finally arrived on Hedera Network. Whether you are an Artist or a Collector, benefit from Hedera Token Service low fees and performance.

Buy, sell, resell your NFTs, grow and manage your Collection. With Xact Wallet, enjoy exclusive advantages with our NFT Marketplaces partners.

Image Hashgraph wallet
Image Hedera token Wallet
Image Hedera Hashgraph Wallet
Image HBAR wallet
Image HBAR NFT wallet
Image Hedera NFT wallet

Xact Wallet Connect

With Xact Wallet, connect to your favorites Apps decentralized on Hedera Hashgraph by scanning a QR Code. Securely approve actions from your wallet for your account. Your private key is not exposed.

You develop a project on Hedera Hashgraph and want to integrate Xact Wallet? Drop us an email



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